Monday, June 16, 2008

My Trip (Plan and Visited)

Above is the list of place around the globe that I ever and recommended. It also contains my wish list site...


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Al-Muhajirin Drawing Competition

On Monday, 9th June, the Moslem Kindergarten School of Al-Muhajirin has an event of "Drawing Competition". The competition was divided onto three groups, first for the Play Group of which my boy is joint, TK A and TK B. As per announcement, the event should start no late than 09:30 JKT time. Play Group is a class intended for a kids with the age around 3 years old. TK A is intended for 4 years old and TK B is for 5 years old. Then after graduated from TK B, the kid is ready to enter Elementary School at the age of 6.

While waiting for the other students that still on the way, the present ones is start singing a song with a title of "Disini Senang, Disana Senang", which is means to be happy wherever we are (unfortunate I forgot to record this). After a moment, the teachers start giving a sheet of picture in black in white with a different drawing for TK A, B or Play Group. They gave the sheet on reverse order and told the student not opened until the start sign is given. Once it's open Rayhan mom approaches and ask him what it's? He said, Mom, it's a pictures of strawberry.. And his mom ask, what colour you will put? He replied, strawberry should be red with a yellow dots on it and the leaves is green and make me smile and remember something about this.

I remember from the TVRI (local television provider owned by Indonesian government) era there is a shows call "Gemar Menggambar". This is a show on teaching on how to draw a pictures and hosted by Tino Sidin, famous drawer in Indonesia. I remember that he always saying that every drawing and colouring that received is Good eventhough sometimes I saw (example) the strawberry is colour with red-blue and the leaves is brown of which it is not the right colour for a normal strawberry to my thoughts. Well later on some talk shows he told me that every kid had a free mind and they saw the world surround them with a colourfull. Sometimes they saw strawberry is red-blue because it's near to rotten. And sometimes we are as grown up person only thinks from one perspective not as many as our kids. Therefore, Tino, advised us as a parents let our kids colouring things freely and you will amaze on how they answer our question "Why you give this colour?".

Subhanallah, it's prove to me that when become growing up person, our mind is narrow down and make us think from one perspective. Just as my friends says, when you want to see thing objectively, you should fly high as you can. Since by flying high you will see a lot more.....