Thursday, May 22, 2008

Padang - Bukit Tinggi (Day 1)

It is quite early morning when my Garuda Indonesia Airlines has touched down at Padang Airport, West Sumatera. Once I get all my baggages I start looking around for a private taxi that can take me directly to Bukit Tinggi my final destination in this province today. After looking around and use my bargaining skills I learnt from my wife, I got the taxi that will take me to Bukit Tinggi, and it will takes around one hour journey, but it will become an wonderful time since we will see the nature tropical forest along the way.

As promised by the driver, along the way to Bukit Tinggi, I saw a lot of wonderful scene created by GOD, Allah SWT. This scene is really hard to find nowadays in Jakarta or surrounding. I do hope, the local government not become greedy and transforms this wonderful rain forest to Copra fields. It does happened in several places in Sumatera and no wonder there is a lot disaster in Indonesia such as floods just like what Ebiet G. Ade sang on his songs that the nature might be mad with us. The other thing that I admire during the journey is the non ordinary rail track that has three rail not just two. When I ask to the driver, he telling me that this track has a special design because the locomotive should climb to Bukit Tinggi, therefore the third one is using like a step ladder during the climbing process, waow..... That's really amazing.

After one hour amaze by the scenery, our ride is reach the Novotel Bukit Tinggi. Once I see the hotel, I am amaze again by the design and location. It is located on the right spot of which from the front office we can saw a wonderful scenery made by a long bridge with West Sumatra design. Later on I am more amaze with the interior and the scenery surrounding it.

Reach the Check-In area, I looked at the top of the area and the design that lets a lot of light coming from outside is the one that I admire. With this design, it can help conserve the energy since during the day time it will reduce the use of lighting. The lighting will only need during night or cloudy weather outside. Right on the middle, they put a water fountain for the guest waiting while the hotel staff process our check-in or awaiting for the travel who will pick us up for one day journey around Bukit Tinggi. To see the water fountain is really peaceful moment for the guest, and again make me admire the designer of this hotel. After the staff gave me the key, I go directly to my room and take a nap.

After a while, I use my evening time to looking around the hotel, read some of the brochures and finding out a must see place while I am here. But, waits, it seems my stomach is screaming and crying for a food. Well since this is a nature calling, I need to take a walk and get some food, otherwise he will not compromise and sabotage my trip. During the time to get some food I take a picture the bridge that I told you. Finish the business with my stomach, then my legs is tired and brought me back to my room and watch the hotel TV Channels untill I fall a sleep and let the TV set watch and guard me.

It is quite early morning just before Shubuh Adzan I woke up on the next day. After while the Shubuh Adzan heard and I do my first early pray. Since it is still quite early I just walking around the hotel and found the Jam Gadang. It is stand among the other buildings, stand right and tall. Then I found the hotel pools that still cleaned, but the place is great to do some sport and enjoy the beauty.

Hmmm... Today I plan to go to see Jam Gadang, take a pictures in front of it. And while I am there I found the Bung Hatta place. I never knew that he has a palace on here in Bukit Tinggi. Unfortunately I was unable to enter the place and only can take a pictures in front of it.