Friday, July 30, 2010

Cut Mutiah Mosque, Tropen Museum Collection

I just have a nice conversation with my colleague in Netherlands about the article of Cut Mutiah Mosque in English Wikipedia. I started the article in English, and perhaps later in Dutch and French aswell, to promote some historic and valuable building in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. And Alhamdulillah, a few days later, we, Moslem around the world, will enter the holy month of Ramadhan and I think working in this article of Indonesian's mosque is a good thing to do while waiting the break fasting time instead of watching the infotainment. He.. He.. He..

From the discussion, I also found that Wikimedia Commons have two old pictures of the building, Cut Mutiah Mosque during the Dutch collonitation in Indonesia. In fact the building was an office building of N.V. Bouwploueg Peieter Jaan Moojen, a Dutch architect who designed Menteng area of Jakarta or it was known as New Gondangdia that time.

I also figure it out, that these pictures is a valuable material for Indonesian who would like to learn about history of Indonesia itself. We would like to thank to the Tropen Museum in donating a lot of old Indonesian pictures into Wikimedia Commons and spesially to Gerard, my Dutch colleague, who make this co-operation applicable. We do hope we can creating other project between Wikimedia Indonesia, Tropen Museum in the future that will enhanced the relationship between two countries.

It this continue in the future, together, we can establish "Free the Knowledge" via Wikipedia.

Early morning in Bandung, Indonesia on end July 2010.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Girls are Evils

A recent scientific research has found out a new evidence as a scientific proof from a hyphotesis that "Girls are Evils". This research has been done by several scientist using some basic methods and some simple mathematics formula.

Still can't believe it? See it by yourself at the following URL Address : Girls are Evils

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Che: Sebuah Biografi Grafis Che: Sebuah Biografi Grafis by Spain Rodriguez

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
I read this Indonesian Translation books that was published by Gramedia. I am expected can have more understanding about CHE's live in easy way via a comic books, and this book match with my expectation.

But for a good book to understand CHE completely, I would say, that this book is only give a little view and not quite detail. I only know that CHE has been married several times, has been travellig around Americas as a doctor and always helping the poor people. Nor than that, I didn't get a full understanding about CHE biography.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Candi Murca - Ken Arok, Hantu Padang Karautan

Candi Murca, Ken Arok, Hantu Padang Karautan Candi Murca, Ken Arok, Hantu Padang Karautan by Langit Kresna Hariadi

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book is giving me an open mind and open window. As a lot of people says that a book is like an open window to anywhere, this book take my imagination far far far away from the reality. The book was set at the year 2011 M and 1136 Saka, around 1214 M, giving almost 800 years differences but there is connection between the people within that time.

This is a kind of Pencak Silat Book written by Jan Mintaraja before and a series of Kho Ping Hoo, eventhough this book can not be compared to this two.

One thing that I learnt from this book that we should not stop or making a boundaries to our imagination since with that we can create and make a lot of innovation for a human kind.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Brand New Airbus Series

On the way back home, I am manage to take a pictures of a Brand New Airbus Series Family. Most of the people is amazing with the new A380 that now flies regularly from LON - SIN - SYD with a carrier of Singapore Airlines. On the other part of the world, Lufthansa is also expecting his new baby from Airbus.

But, without any covered up by a media, Indonesia is also launched a Brand New Airbus Series Family, Airbus A-640. This type can take-off at any short or long Runway. It's also doesn't need a special Avtur to powered it up, just use an ordinary bus fuel.

He also can stop and pull-over at any location as per passenger request as long as still on his way to his end destination. With this type you can't expected the actual ETD - Estimated Time Departure and also the ETA - Estimated Time Arrival. Especially when the traffic jam is so badly, then for a short trip will be flews a few hours longer than as usual.

This type only have four wheel and can accomodate passenger with a seat or no seat confirmation as long as you pay to the "stweardess" the cost for the journey, then they will welcoming you aboard. Wanna to try??? Come to Jakarta since this Airbus is only flew here.

Just for a note, if you feel hot while you are on it, just open the window at any time and it's allowed to do so.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indonesian Culinary Heritage Food Festival 2008

After one year this Festival is held in various city in Indonesia, in fact last couple month was held in Bandung, West Java, this Food Festival was coming back to Jakarta, Indonesia. This time, as also the celebration of brithday of the big sponsored this Festival, one of famous soya ketchup in Indonesia, Bango, it will have more than 80 venue that will present the famous and Indonesian Culinary Heritage. The Festival will be held in "Plaza Selatan, Senayan, Jakarta in Indonesia on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, 8th August 2008, the festival will be open from 16:00 until 23:00 while on Saturday, 9th August 2008 is from 11:00 - 23:00.

The food that will be present is mainly from Jakarta and surrounding and with some guess food such as "Kikil Sapi" from Surabaya, "Tengkleng Ibu Edi" from Solo, "Bubur Pontianak Bu Jenah" from Pontianak, "Nasi Jamblang Mang Doel" from Cirebon, "Mie Titi Rmah Makan Pelangi" from Makassar, "Sangu Tutug Oncom Saung Kiray" from Bogor, "Es Durian Kantin Sakinah" from Bandung and "Soto Udang Rumah Makan Rinaldy" from Medan.

So if you are foreigners or Indonesian and will be in Jakarta on those days, loves the Indonesian Culinary Heritage, please mark your calendar and do come to the event!

See you there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Personality Test

After I read my friend journal, I straight go to the website at Personality Test I got the result as follows:

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Would you like to know yours?? Take the test now at Personality Test

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Al-Muhajirin Drawing Competition

On Monday, 9th June, the Moslem Kindergarten School of Al-Muhajirin has an event of "Drawing Competition". The competition was divided onto three groups, first for the Play Group of which my boy is joint, TK A and TK B. As per announcement, the event should start no late than 09:30 JKT time. Play Group is a class intended for a kids with the age around 3 years old. TK A is intended for 4 years old and TK B is for 5 years old. Then after graduated from TK B, the kid is ready to enter Elementary School at the age of 6.

While waiting for the other students that still on the way, the present ones is start singing a song with a title of "Disini Senang, Disana Senang", which is means to be happy wherever we are (unfortunate I forgot to record this). After a moment, the teachers start giving a sheet of picture in black in white with a different drawing for TK A, B or Play Group. They gave the sheet on reverse order and told the student not opened until the start sign is given. Once it's open Rayhan mom approaches and ask him what it's? He said, Mom, it's a pictures of strawberry.. And his mom ask, what colour you will put? He replied, strawberry should be red with a yellow dots on it and the leaves is green and make me smile and remember something about this.

I remember from the TVRI (local television provider owned by Indonesian government) era there is a shows call "Gemar Menggambar". This is a show on teaching on how to draw a pictures and hosted by Tino Sidin, famous drawer in Indonesia. I remember that he always saying that every drawing and colouring that received is Good eventhough sometimes I saw (example) the strawberry is colour with red-blue and the leaves is brown of which it is not the right colour for a normal strawberry to my thoughts. Well later on some talk shows he told me that every kid had a free mind and they saw the world surround them with a colourfull. Sometimes they saw strawberry is red-blue because it's near to rotten. And sometimes we are as grown up person only thinks from one perspective not as many as our kids. Therefore, Tino, advised us as a parents let our kids colouring things freely and you will amaze on how they answer our question "Why you give this colour?".

Subhanallah, it's prove to me that when become growing up person, our mind is narrow down and make us think from one perspective. Just as my friends says, when you want to see thing objectively, you should fly high as you can. Since by flying high you will see a lot more.....


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Padang - Bukit Tinggi (Day 1)

It is quite early morning when my Garuda Indonesia Airlines has touched down at Padang Airport, West Sumatera. Once I get all my baggages I start looking around for a private taxi that can take me directly to Bukit Tinggi my final destination in this province today. After looking around and use my bargaining skills I learnt from my wife, I got the taxi that will take me to Bukit Tinggi, and it will takes around one hour journey, but it will become an wonderful time since we will see the nature tropical forest along the way.

As promised by the driver, along the way to Bukit Tinggi, I saw a lot of wonderful scene created by GOD, Allah SWT. This scene is really hard to find nowadays in Jakarta or surrounding. I do hope, the local government not become greedy and transforms this wonderful rain forest to Copra fields. It does happened in several places in Sumatera and no wonder there is a lot disaster in Indonesia such as floods just like what Ebiet G. Ade sang on his songs that the nature might be mad with us. The other thing that I admire during the journey is the non ordinary rail track that has three rail not just two. When I ask to the driver, he telling me that this track has a special design because the locomotive should climb to Bukit Tinggi, therefore the third one is using like a step ladder during the climbing process, waow..... That's really amazing.

After one hour amaze by the scenery, our ride is reach the Novotel Bukit Tinggi. Once I see the hotel, I am amaze again by the design and location. It is located on the right spot of which from the front office we can saw a wonderful scenery made by a long bridge with West Sumatra design. Later on I am more amaze with the interior and the scenery surrounding it.

Reach the Check-In area, I looked at the top of the area and the design that lets a lot of light coming from outside is the one that I admire. With this design, it can help conserve the energy since during the day time it will reduce the use of lighting. The lighting will only need during night or cloudy weather outside. Right on the middle, they put a water fountain for the guest waiting while the hotel staff process our check-in or awaiting for the travel who will pick us up for one day journey around Bukit Tinggi. To see the water fountain is really peaceful moment for the guest, and again make me admire the designer of this hotel. After the staff gave me the key, I go directly to my room and take a nap.

After a while, I use my evening time to looking around the hotel, read some of the brochures and finding out a must see place while I am here. But, waits, it seems my stomach is screaming and crying for a food. Well since this is a nature calling, I need to take a walk and get some food, otherwise he will not compromise and sabotage my trip. During the time to get some food I take a picture the bridge that I told you. Finish the business with my stomach, then my legs is tired and brought me back to my room and watch the hotel TV Channels untill I fall a sleep and let the TV set watch and guard me.

It is quite early morning just before Shubuh Adzan I woke up on the next day. After while the Shubuh Adzan heard and I do my first early pray. Since it is still quite early I just walking around the hotel and found the Jam Gadang. It is stand among the other buildings, stand right and tall. Then I found the hotel pools that still cleaned, but the place is great to do some sport and enjoy the beauty.

Hmmm... Today I plan to go to see Jam Gadang, take a pictures in front of it. And while I am there I found the Bung Hatta place. I never knew that he has a palace on here in Bukit Tinggi. Unfortunately I was unable to enter the place and only can take a pictures in front of it.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Padang - Bukit Tinggi (Day 2)

Today is my second day in Bukit Tinggi and also becoming my second day in Sumatra. Yes, I never been to Sumatra before, that's why I am so excited when I ask to travel to this island. So far I have been travelling to all major island of Indonesia, except Sumatera.

My plan for today is finishing the work as soon as possible so I can still have time to see some sightseeing locations in Bukit Tinggi. I heard from the Hotel Receptionist that in here there is a long undergound tunnel that was built during the Japanese colonialsm. The tunnel was design as the prisoner for Indonesian who are againts them. The cave also designed as the getaway from the enemy. Rumour said that it is very long and only some area has been restored by the local government. Some other says that it is even longer than the "Gucci Tunnel" in Vietnam that now become one of attractive tourist agenda.

Later I found that my journey is actually started during the lunch time when our local partner bring us to the traditional market that selling the local food as known as "Nasi Kapau". This type of cullinary is specially made locally in area of West Sumatera, which is famous for the chilly (hot) food ever made on the earth. Once we arrive at the place, I ordered the standard menu plus some extra chilly since I do love to eat hot food. But as I came from Eastern of Java, usually I combine with some soya sauce and I called the food "Hot and Sweet". Some of my friend that came a long with me says that the food is too hot for them but not for me. This market that serve the food is located near the Bukit Tinggi landmark "Jam Gadang". It is a tall and high clock with some West Sumatra ornament. "Gadang" in local dialect means "Big". The place is also near by the first Indonesian Vice President, Muhammad Hatta.

The sun is moving to west and the work is finish, and I think it is a good time to explore the Tunnel. On the way to the tunnel, I manage to take a picture of the Ngarai Sihanouk, a beautiful scenery in Bukit Tinggi. The next picture is the entrance to the tunnel and we need guidance from local people on the journey. On the wall near to the entrance showing the tunnel that has been restored so far.

After around one hours journey under ground we are reach to the end of the tunnel and to get back to where we park our car, we need to climb over a ladder. The local people named the ladder as "1,000 tangga" or a thousand steps ladder. Actually the steps as not as that much but it is an expression on how high we need to climb.

My last frontier today is visited the first Indonesian Vice President, Muhammad Hatta's house that already restored. The house is equipped and furnish with all the material belongs to him. The rooms that he used to slept, the bike he used to use to go to school and all material belonging to him. A series pictures about the house and inside it can be seen below:


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Thursday Morning

Hoaaaeehhmmm.... I woke up at 04:00 AM this morning and felt a bit cold, I think because of the rainy days last night. It is already early April but the rain is still heavy last night all over Jakarta. I started get them since I get out from PLANGI - Plaza Semanggi, one of the Mall in Jakarta. During my journey back home, thunder is flashing all over me and make me felt that my GOD Allah is taking my pictures last night, He.. He.. He..

This morning, I need to go a bit early since today is the second day for my wife becoming an Instructor on the FOO Class on one of the state enterprise company of Indonesia. When I take out my motorbike, my second son, Rizqy is approaching me and ask a help to be put on the bike. Once he is on it, I manage to take three pictures of him as showing below. He is so cute, isn't he? He still have eight tooth, four at the tops and four at the bottom. Usually he likes to put the horn while he riding it and of course that the first thing this morning. And the silents of my block is broken by my bike horn, Ha.. Ha.. Ha..


Padang - Bukit Tinggi (Day 3)

Today is going to be my last day in Sumatera since I need to get back to Jakarta, my Home Base. I had a very good experience, journey and business aswell while I am here in Bukit Tinggi. I check again my e-ticket and it was written that the ETD - Estimate Time Departure will be at 16:40 LT (Local Time), and will be arrived in Jakarta, Soekarno-Hatta Airport around 18:15 LT. This means that I need to check-in on 15:40 LT at the latest, hmmm I am still have enough time to check-out from Novotel Bukit Tinggi at 09:00 LT at the latest so I still can enjoy the journey back to Padang. Nowadays there is a lot of choice to go back from Padang to Jakarta, one of my favourite is using one of the Private Airlines in Indonesia, of which you can search and book online via their website at here.

After had a lite breakfast, I go directly to the check-out counter and finish the check-out process and I also bought some souvenirs from the Hotel for my colleague. And of course I am order the car to bring me back to the Padang Airport, West Sumatera. As usual, the journey from Bukit Tinggi was amazing views with all the original rainy forest, the train track that has a special equipment on the middle (third rail located in the middle that helps the locomotif climbing from Padang to Bukit Tinggi). It is now quite rare to see the train passing by and on my journey back I did not met them.

The Hotel staff suggested me to stop by on one of the waterfall near Padang. This place is quite famous for them during the weekend. The name is "Cagar Alam Lembah Anai Air Mancur", which means a Waterfall Lembah Anai. After an hour journey, we can see the places and after we parks the car, we start climb a bit to the Waterfall. In a short the waterfall is not as high as I am expected but the place is quite nice. It was surrounded by rainy forest with wild monkey screaming and jumping from a branch to another. Please ensure you left all the foods safely otherwise they will come and ask for it.

The pictures collections of the place is presented here.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cutie Kettle

Hmm… my little boy is now already four years old. I am still remembering when he was born on the middle of the cold night in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia that time. He is so small, cute and he is crying when the nurse bring him from the surgery room.

Now he can sing several songs, and one of it is with a title of “Teko Kecil” or “Cutie Kettle” in English. He leant this song at the school of Playgroup Muhajirin Mosque located in the eastern part of Jakarta.

The whole songs tell a story about this kettle of which we use them to boiling water. He will scream once the water is boiled so we can take him, and pour the hot water to make a cup of coffee or tea.

Below is the video of him singing it, and hope you enjoy it…


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Higher Education = Longer Life

Yes, for a higher educated people, their life expectancy will be longer than the non-educated groups. A recent study published by the Harvard School of Medicine has stated that people with a better education tend to have a longer live? Hmmm, I might be agree… base on some fact such as the higher educated group, tend to have a better way to choose to stay health by choosing the food combination and nutrition for their health. But let we continue our reading to their study…

They have been studying two groups; one is the high-educated group and the non-quite high educated group. Between 1980s and 2000, life expectancy increases occurred nearly exclusively among high-education group. Comparing 1981 – 1988 with 1991 – 1998, life expectancy at age 25 has grew ¼ years for high education people but as less as 0.5 years for the low group as quoted by AFP and reported by Jakarta Antara News on 11th March 2008. And its grows by 1.6 years between 1990 and 2000 and remain unchanged for the low ones.

The difference in longevity means that you would have enough time to complete more degrees of your choices.

I am a bit agree with this study since for those more educated group, they will have a knowledge on how choosing the right food for their health, making a good life by staying away from the stuff that causing diseases such as smoking, air pollution etc.

With their knowledge they know on how they can save the earth so the nature can produce more healthiness environment for them. They will have knowledge to make their life easier and healthier for them.

What I can see the children in Indonesia who has born after the war in getting the Indonesian Freedom has a better life expectancy than before. The more they get more education, the more they will life longer.

In short, if you want to have a Longer Life, please consider again to go back to School, College or University and get some degree…..

Enjoy your life while you can….


Monday, March 31, 2008

Ayat-Ayat Cinta (Verses of Love)

Ayat-ayat Cinta (Verses of Love) become a spectacular Indonesian movies after hit more than 3 million viewers among the Indonesian Movies Network, 21 Cineplex and Blitzmegaplex. In fact the movies has been seen by several important person from Indonesian such as a former Indonesian President B.J. Habibie, who arrange a special visit back to Indonesia that matching with the film schedule.

The film also has been seen by Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla and recently last Friday as reported by Jakarta (ANTARA News) seen by President of Republic Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He said that the Indonesian film "Ayat-ayat Cinta" (Verses of Love) can be a medium to promote a better understanding of Islam.

He made the statement after watching the film directed by Hanung Bramantyo at Studio XXI at EX Plaza here on Friday night. "The film can be a good medium for getting the right message of Islam across," said Yudhoyono, who was accompanied by his family, including his sons Agus Harimurti and Edi baskoro as well as his daughter-in-law Annisa Pohan.

He also claimed that he wiped tears from his eyes several times when watching the film, said Islam was frequently misunderstood by the public. He added that all Indonesian Muslims who had watched the film should be able to explain to the rest of the world that Islam is a peace-loving religion full of tolerance and harmony. According to him, the film directed by Hanung Bramantyo was a reflection of Islam, its ability to rise above mere symbols enabling the world community to coexist despite its diversity.

In fact the film can be more effected if Hanung has not reduced or change the film from the book. On the book, Fachri was described as a young Muslim who would like to become Muhammad SAW, the Muslim Prophet. As a male Muslim, he should not see a female directly or in purpose. He also never had an intimacy meeting with Maria by the river of Nil’s as described on the film.

I also never read on the book, that Fachri more loving Maria rather than to Aisha or Nurul. In fact, the book is written that he expected to marry Nurul, but since he understand that he is not as rich as Nurul’s family, he never ask her to marry him. On the day, he decided that he accept the Aisha’s family request to marry her, he got Nurul’s mail that express her love to him, of which he expected that Nurul said about her feeling before he accepted to marry Aisha.

The books is also never express that the three of them, Fachri, Maria and Aisha has living together in a harmony after Fachri is being released from the jail. In fact the books is describe that after the judge read the statement to release Fachri, Maria is fall-off from her wheelchair and become more ill and make her back to the hospital.

Maria is passed away a few days after she is brought back to the hospital. She passed away after she become a Muslim and read the Surat Maryam. She passed away in a peace with a smile on her chick since she expected to reunited again with Fachri in the Heaven forever.

For all who never read the book, please do read the book first prior seeing the movie. In fact, Hanung should not taking this risk in the future by changing the film from the book. Since usually a film that adopted from a famous book has a great expectation from the books readers. This is also happened with Harry Potter the movie a last few years.


West's Lie Day

April 1, 2008 as well known as April Fool's Day, will be a few hours away and many Jakarta's youngsters does not have knowledge about the history as reported by Antara News on March 30, 2008.

In Indonesia, most of the people known that April 1, 2008 is popular is as "April Mop". Mop is a Dutch Word, means joke. In English, this days is known as April's Fools Day. Usually we all know that day is a day to tell a lies, no matter how serious they sound. But the history about it is quite a tragic ones especially for Muslim of which it
caused barbaric slaughter of Muslims in Spain on April 1, 1487.

Unfortunately, not many Muslims in Indonesia know about the history of April Fool`s Day (April Mop) and then preferred to celebrate by lying the public through the media or personal contact.

A Muslim intellectual, Ir H Asmara Dharma, as contacted by phone at his home in Medan said the celebration of April Mop was preceded by a big attack by western troops in Spain which was at that time under the rule of a Moslem's caliph in March, 1487.

According to him, cities in Spain like Saragossa and Leon in North, Vigo and Forto in East and Valencia in West, Lisbon and Cordoba in South as well as Madrid in Central City and Granada as a port were occupied by the attackers.

The Muslim community who survived in the attack were promised not to be harmed if they wished to abandon Spain by ships already made available at the port of Granada. Western troops pledged to let Muslims go free by ship if they surrendered their weapons.

At the time when thousands of Muslims without any weapon gathered at the port of Granada to wait for their turn to leave Spain as promised by the troops, they were slaughtered viciously and their ships set on fire.

Asmara further said the genocide of Muslims and the breaking of the promise happened on April 1, 1487 which was then known as April Fool`s Day. Furthermore, this incident was a ritual popularized as "April Mop" (this term became popular in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial times, mop is a Dutch word meaning joke). It was later used to criminalize other people by the news and action.

I am personally, never heard about this history and all I know is that, on that day I can make a fool to anybody, even to my lovely ones. After I read this news from Antara, I think we should use this day as a momentum to look back on the relationship between us in eastern country or developing country with our "fellow" from western country. We should take a look again our relationship with them. Do we have a good deal or not. So far what I can see, there is no indication from the Western to have a partner from any of developing country. In fact, they will use us as their place to sell their products.
Source : Antara News

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Fitna" - A contra Moslem Film

As reported on Indonesian interactive website of DetikiNet (It was reported in Indonesia Language, there is a film created by Dutch Parliament Member, Geert Wilders, that hurts all Muslim feeling. The copy of the filmed can be accessed on the You Tube and Live Leak. The film has a duration of 17th minutes of which in global tell a story on Terrorist Attack in New York and Madrid. This terrorism attack, according to the film, was inspired by one of the Surat in the Holy Al-Qur'an.
I would see again the western who does not fully understand about Al-Qur'an has made their own interpretation about Islam. Maybe they should see the Indonesian Movie "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" of which describe a bit about Islam.
When I was abroad, most of my colleague has their perception that Muslim is against feminism since in Muslim, every women should wear a special uniform that they think it cut-off the freedom of the women to express their beauties. This is just one example, they see Islam with their own perspective and make their own interpretation about the Surat of the Al-Qur'an. They did not know that everything that has written in the holy Al-Qur'an is just giving a basic or even global about how a Muslim should be. In fact, in the Holy Al-Qur'an often says that every Muslim should be a Rachmatan Lil Alamin. Which is mean every Muslim should bring the goods for him/herself and their surrounding. With this small Surat of Al-Qur'an, as Muslim we are not allowed to kill somebody else just because they are not Muslim.
Islam should bring and spread the goodness all over the world to both Muslim and Non-Muslim. Muhammad SAW has also teach us to working together hand-in-hand with Muslim and non-Muslim and we should respect each other. On a Muslim country once everybody has entering the country legally, they have the same right as the Muslim. One of the right is protected by the country as according to the Law. Actually in Muslim, most of western feel peaces and found they are looking for facing the life.
I do understand that Netherlands is consider as a free country among the European but they have the freedom in express their taught or perspective about anything. But what do they does not aware, that every human freedom is boundaries by others. Which is means we should respect each others.
Hopefully, by more and more Muslim become open and showing the truly Muslim, their think about Muslim and Islam will change and we can live hand-in-hand, side-by-side in Harmony.
One last thing, "Fitna" or "Fitnah" in Indonesian actually means that "A statement that tells a negative thing about something, and this statement is not the right statement." If I use this interpretation to this film, so it will means that this film is telling us the wrong story, and of course we should not bother about it.
Latest Friday of March 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adam Air and Indonesian Air Transport Industry

Last night, I read on the newspaper that finally Indonesian Government has indicating that the Adam Air accident was caused by not readiness of the Pilots on handling an unsual situation. This statement is really interesting for me since base on my experience, it should not be happened.

As per standard, a new or upgrading Pilot Crew, before they are released to fly an aeroplane, they need to pass a series of training and test. The training are ground training/type rating training, flight simulator and flight training. On the ground training, the crew is being trained about that type of aircraft that they will handle and a lot of stuff correlated to that. Then they need to pass the Flight Simulator training, and if I am not mistaken, each of the them has to pass minimum of ten hours in a Full Flight Simulator. Then they need to pass the training with the real aircraft. This last one usually done on an empty space around Madura Straits if they base in Surabaya or around the north of Jakarta.

The one that I would like to highlight is the second training, of which, done in a Full Flight Simulator. As we all know, the purpose of having a Full Flight Simulator is give the ability to the Pilot Student to be trained in any condition. With a Flight Simulator we can simulate almost anything. As a former FFS Technician, I remember that with this equipment I can simulate that the cockpit was on fire and to give more realistic effect we can produce a smoke come out from the equipments.

With this equipment aswell we can create a series of training scenario that we can simulate whatever we like. Since a FFS is truely a copy of a real aircraft with the 6 DOF - Degree of Freedom that can make the student feels that they are in the real aircraft.

I am pretty sure that as per standard, each of the crew must be trained with this equipment so once they are facing the similar situations during the flight they will be able act to minimize all the negative effects. If it is now stated that the regulator is now encourage every Pilot in Indonesia to be trained to face this emergency situation, then how is the procedure we have so far? I would think that there are quite many crew has not been trained this way. Of which this will be dangerous. As we all know, in the ATI (Air Transport Industry), it was stated that "The Sky is vast, but there is no single room for any error".

What I do hope that all of us that involve within this industry should be eager to stop a bit and take a look inside on how we are doing so far. If we do it not in the right way, starting from now, we should bring it back to the right track. By doing this together from the Airlines, the Human Resources of this Industry, the regulator, the Indonesian Government and anybody, we will be able prove to the outside world that we are making progress to a "Zero Accident".

- Dian -

Jakarta, End of March 2008

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The Adventure of Tintin, The Movie


After long awaited, the Adventures of Tintin will be filmed started this year. Tintin, the intrepid reporter comic-book character created by HergΓ© in 1929 will begin shooting the 1st Tintin Movie, The Secret of the Unicorn, in September 2008. According to the Daily Mail (not the most reliable newspaper on the world), Thomas Sangster, a teenage who will celebrate his 18th years old this May, will be cast as Tintin. He was seen on the movie “Love Actually” and “Nanny McPhee”. The film will be direct by two great Director Steven Spielberg and the Director of the trilogy “Lord of the Ring”, Peter Jakson. And it seems Tintin the Movie will become a trilogy of The Secret of the Unicorn, Red Rackhams Treasures and Crab with the Golden Claws.

As the huge fans of Tintin, this is great news and hopefully by 2009 we can start watching this film in Indonesia. So far I had collected the entire original cartoon VCD of the adventures of Tintin and now I am starting to collect the English and French version of his Adventure. The Adventures of Tintin classified by publication date are as follows:

1. Tintin in the Land of the Soviet, 1st published in 1930.
2. Tintin in the Congo, 1st published in 1931.
3. Tintin in America, 1st published in 1932.
4. Cigars of the Pharaoh, 1st published in 1934.
5. The Blue Lotus, 1st published in 1936.
6. Tintin and the Broken Ear, 1st published in 1937.
7. The Black Island, 1st published in 1938.
8. King Ottokar’s Sceptre, 1st published in 1942.
9. The Crab with the Golden Claws, 1st published in 1942.
10. The Shooting Star, 1st published in 1942.
11. The Secret of the Unicorn, 1st published in 1943.
12. Red Rackham’s Treasure, 1st published in 1944.
13. The Seven Crystals Balls, 1st published in 1948.
14. Prisoners of the Sun, 1st published in 1949.
15. Land of Black Gold, 1st published in 1951.
16. Destination Moon, 1st published in 1953.
17. Explorers on the Moon, 1st published in 1954.
18. The Calculus Affair, 1st published in 1956.
19. The Red Sea Sharks, 1st published in 1958.
20. Tintin in Tibet, 1st published in 1960.
21. The Castafiore Emerald, 1st published in 1963
22. Flight 714, 1st published in 1968.
23. Tintin and the Picaros, 1st published in 1976.
24. Tintin and the Alphart, 1st published in 1986

Most of the title is already translated into Indonesian of which become my first comic books to read when I was a teenager. His story is very inspiring since he is just a reporter, who has a smell or intuition when there is something is not right. When I was a boy, I had a toy that looks like Snowy his dogs and the toys I kept until I am a teenager. I have a huge expectation about the movie and hopefully Steven and Peter can create the great movie about Tintin.

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